Luke Wyland is an interdisciplinary artist and composer based in Portland, OR. He is known primarily as the brainchild of the art-pop band AU, though he has been composing music for dance, film, and television for the past decade. A graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art, he has presented his work throughout North America and Europe to critical acclaim. His most recent project includes the 155 singers of the Camas High School Choir program. 


Since 2005, Luke has been writing/recording/producing albums that have been released Worldwide on such labels as Aagoo Records (US), Hometapes (US), The Leaf Label (EU), Crammed Discs (EU) ,Inpartmaint (Japan), and Pop Frenzy (AUS).

His most recent project involved the Camas High School choir program and their 155 singers (2016).  


Luke was commissioned in 2013 to do the soundtrack for TELOS: The Fantastic World of Eugene Tssui, a documentary about the 'social idealist and visionary architect' Eugene Tssui. It is currently being screened at numerous film festivals worldwide. Catch a glimpse of several sections of this film in the Film Reel page. 

His music has been featured in several films - Clutter, The Auteur, Rid of Me, Made in China, and I Believe in Unicorns, amongst others. 


Luke's most recent work for dance has been in collaboration with Tahni Holt (Sensation:Disorientation (2017) and Duet Love (2014).


Original compositions have been featured in commercials worldwide working with such great sound houses/agencies as Barking Owl Sound, Aika MusicWalkerStimmung, and Agoraphone. (Look to the Commercial Reel as well as the Composition page for examples of this work.) 


Abbreviated CV:


2005 Massachusetts College of Art, Bachelor of Fine Arts (with honors), Boston, MA


2017 3EP, Luke Wyland, The Leaf Label (UK)
2016 101 Seconds, Spin Films, Documentary
2014 TELOS: Te Fantastic World of Eugene Tssui, Kyung Lee Films, Documentary
2012 Both Lights, AU, Hometapes Records (US/World), Te Leaf Label (Europe)
2010 Tradi-Mods vs. Rockers, Two Labors, Crammed Discs (World)
2009 Versions, AU, Aagoo Records (US/World)
2008 Both Lights, AU, Aagoo Records (US/Europe), PopFrenzy Records (AUS), Inpartmaint Records (Japan)

2007 Au, AU, Aagoo Records (World)
2005 peaofhesea, luc, Aagoo Records (World)



2017 Sensation/Disorientation, Composer/Performer, Dance by Tahni Holt, Portland, OR
2016 AU and the Camas High School Choir, Composer/Performer/Teacher, Time Based Arts Festival, Portland, OR

2016 AU and the Camas High School Choir, Composer/Performer/Teacher, Cathedral of the Rockies, Boise, ID

2014 Duet Love, Composer/Performer, Dance by Tahni Holt, Time Based Arts Festival, Portland, OR
2012 Listening to Space: Sonic City PDX, Time Based Arts Festival, Portland, OR
2012-2017 Treefort Music Festival, Boise, ID
2012 Haldern Pop Festival, Rees, Germany
2012 Powiekszenie, Warsaw, Poland
2012 Keep Portland Weird Festival, Pompidou Center Museum, Paris, France
2012 Valborgskalas, Goteburg, Sweden
2011 SXSW Festival, Austin, TX
2011 Sled Island Music Festival, Calgary, Canada
2010 AU Big Band with the Dovekins, Communikey Music Festival, Boulder, CO
2010 Noise Pop Festival, San Francisco, CA
2009 NoveFest, Oslo, Norway
2009 La Botanique Festival, Brussels, Belgium
2009 Musica Nelle Valli, San Martino, Italy
2009 End of the Road Festival, Dorset, UK
2009 Dag in de Branding Festival, Den Haag, Netherlands
2009 Sound Forest Festival, Riga, Latvia
2008 AU Big Band with 20 Member Choir, Time Based Arts Festival, Portland, OR
2007 Carton Service Project, Composer, Performer, AVIATOR Dance Company, Portland, OR
2007 Ten Tiny Dances, Composer/Performer, Time Based Arts Festival, Performer, Portland, OR
2006 Halo 22-Degrees, Composer/Performer, AVIATOR Dance Company, Portland, OR


2015-2016 'The Business of Music.” Camas High School, Camas, WA


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2016 Young Audiences Professional Development, Grant, Portland, OR

2016 Camas Education Foundation, Grant, Camas, WA
2016 Work Room Residency, Te Lucky Penny, Atlanta, GA
2012 The Beauty Shop Residency, Fairfeld, IA

2010 Communikey Arts Festival Residency, Boulder, Co
2005 Media and Performing Arts Award, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA

2004 Godine Travel Grant, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA
2004 Jurors Prize: All School Show, Award, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA